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15 Stunning Summer Wedding Colour Palettes

Summer weddings can be anything you want them to be. If you’d like a pastel-inspired colour palette or a bold bright colour scheme, you can go for it. Nudes, whites and even metallic hues all look great at summer weddings too. So, if you’re yet to select your summer wedding colour scheme, here are 15 great colour palettes that you’re going to love.

Keep it soft with pastels

Pastel shades are absolutely perfect for a summer wedding and they work so well here at Upwaltham Barns. Soft pinks and yellows are the quintessential pastel palette and they give you so many options for decorations and details. Alternatively, cornflower blue and peach is a slightly more unusual combination and it really works at Upwaltham Barns. Why not go for something different?

Natural shades are a super stylish and timeless way of using pastel shades in your wedding. This gives a really sophisticated summer look.

Pinks and greens are a gorgeous duo that are perfect for a summer wedding and you can use lots of foliage too.

A rainbow of pastel hues always looks lovely. Why not go for mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses in pastel shades and give your groomsmen ties and socks in various colours?

Go bold with brights

Bold and bright colours are always popular with couples planning a summer wedding. These vibrant colour combinations are great if you want to make a real impact.

Opt for a vivid candy-inspired palette of pink, orange, yellow and blue. This is a scheme that will make everyone smile.

A citrus scheme will definitely bring a brilliant freshness to your wedding. Yellows, oranges and even greens look great together.

Pantone’s Living Coral is the colour of the year and we know that we’ll be seeing lots of this bright shade throughout the summer.

If you’re not one for wanting to stick to a rigid palette, go for clashing brights throughout. We always love a slightly eccentric scheme that gives you the opportunity to have some fun.

Alternative summer wedding colours

Of course, there are plenty of shades that you may not have even thought of for your summer wedding.

Sage and peach is a surprisingly gorgeous colour combo and it’s ideal for a light and bright summer wedding.

French navy can be a great shade for weddings, particularly when you add in some light shades, giving a delightful blue palette.

Dusty blue is another slightly unusual colour, but it looks fabulous when teamed with blush shades.

Burgundy is a colour palette that is often associated with winter weddings but used as an accent with a blush colour palette it’s the perfect choice for a summer wedding.

How to use colour at your wedding

The way that you use and incorporate your chosen colours into your wedding will have a big impact on the look of your day. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning:

1. Play with the proportions of the colours that you use throughout the day. This will mean that you can create a slightly different feel in the East Barn for your ceremony than in the South Barn for your reception.

2. If you want to introduce a bolder colour into your day, use it as an accent and use it sparingly so that it has real impact rather than allowing that shade to take over entirely.

3. Remember that you’re working with a palette rather than with one or two exact shades. Working with a palette gives a much more natural look whereas if everything matches too closely, you run the risk of things looking too forced.

4. Use Pinterest to create a board that will show you how your ideas will work together. This is super useful when it comes to briefing your wedding suppliers.

5. Introduce your colour palette into your wedding stationery to give guests a clue to the look of your day.

6. Stick with two, three of four main colours – any more than this and the overall look could become a little chaotic.

7. Always choose colours that you love, don’t go for shades just because they’re trendy. You want to love your wedding when you look back on your photos in years to come.

8. Think about texture as well as colour – a blush satin will look completely different and create a different vibe to blush linen for example. The textures AND colours need to work with your wedding style.

9. Finally, enjoy working with colour. If you’re not confident, speak to the team at Upwaltham Barns or your florist to get their input because we’ll all be very pleased to help.

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