Please Be Seated – Wedding Table Plan Ideas

Please Be Seated – Wedding Table Plan Ideas at Upwaltham Barns

As we’ve mentioned, your table plan gives you the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and do something that will work with your theme and attract the attention of your guests. Here are some ideas that we’ve fallen for here at Upwaltham Barns:


If you’ve opted for a travel theme and you’ve named your tables after countries you’ve visited, a map makes a great table plan. Simply use the map as a mounting board or link table details to your favourite places with coloured ribbon or butcher’s twine. You could even include photos of you in the relevant countries if you like.

For a travel themed wedding at Upwaltham Barns a bride and groom chose a map table plan


Keeping to the travel theme, why not write each guest’s seating assignment on the back of a postcard showing their destination for dinner? String these between vintage ladders decorated with flowers to make a rustic installation.

A table plan made from strings of postcards is a great travel themed wedding idea


Working your hobbies into your wedding theme is always a great idea because your guests will instantly link details to you. If you love cricket, why not write table assignments on bats and line these up for guests to see? Or, if you’re a committed cyclist, mount your favourite bike in the barn and attach seating cards to the frame and wheels. You can do similar things with lots of other sports too – think creatively and, you’ll be able to come up with a genuinely individual table plan.

Mount your favourite bike in the wedding barn at Upwaltham Barns and attach seating cards for a fun table plan idea


Now, this could take a little planning but, if you’re able to gather pictures of all your guests, you could use their photos to direct them to their seats. Arrange their pictures in a large frame, attach them to ribbon or twine and pop their table number on the back to create a unique and personal display for all to see.

A large board with photos of each wedding guest is a fantastic personalised photo wedding table plan idea


Mirror table plans have become incredibly popular and, it’s easy to see why. They always look stunning and bring a real elegance to the barns. If you’ve got a steady hand, you could write names and table assignments directly onto the mirror or you could have a professional sign writer create artistic calligraphy. Alternatively, if you wanted to follow the theme of your wedding stationery simply attach cards showing the table details to the mirror instead.

Use a mirror and write your guests names on for an elegant wedding table plan idea


Creating a table plan from tags is a great idea. Your guests can take their tags with them so you can be sure they’ll find their seats in double quick time and, if there are any last minute changes to your seating plan, you simply need to remove or re-write a tag rather than redo your entire table plan. Attach your tags to a large piece of wood, string them between the sides of an empty frame or hang them inside a personalised wooden crate.

For a rustic wedding table plan idea for your wedding at Upwaltham Barns use tags pegged to string with your guests name on

Vintage props

If you’re planning a vintage or rustic wedding, there are lots of props that you can use to help you create a gorgeous table plan. An old ladder is always an excellent choice, but you could also work with vintage shelves, a bicycle or even old doors! Add some flowers or foliage for a fabulous finishing touch.

If you’re planning a vintage or rustic wedding at Upwaltham Barns use props to help you create your table plan

Things you love

If you’re a music lover, film fan or avid reader, incorporate the things you like into your wedding day. A table plan featuring your favourite vinyl or a shelf of books with markers giving seating assignments all work so so well.

For gin lovers a gin inspired wedding table plan is perfect for a wedding at Upwaltham Barns


Wooden pallets are used in so many areas of the barns (take a look at these great wedding signage ideas too!) and you can also use them for table plans. Attach pots full of plants, herbs or flowers to the pallet and add table details to each pot via tags or even plant marker sticks!

Use wooden pallets as your table plan at Upwaltham Barns for a rustic wedding theme

Simple table plans

Large printed simple table plans will always be popular, and they add a timeless touch to your wedding. These table plans can include illustrations that reflect your theme or table names or they can just be elegantly printed or handwritten in modern calligraphy. Mount your plan on an easel and add flowers or foliage for a little extra beauty.

If you’re looking to keep things simple for your wedding at Upwaltham Barns a printed table plan is ideal

Top tips for table plans

Your table plan can be an essential part of your wedding. Not only is it a decorative focal point, but it also needs to be practical and easily visible for all your guests. To make sure that your plan does everything it needs to, here are our top tips:

  • Make sure that the font or the writing on your table plan can be read from a reasonable distance.
  • Don’t forget to add surnames so that all the Lauras or Marks at your wedding find the right table!
  • Put your table plan in a spot where everyone will pass it. We suggest it sits in the Stable Bar, just by the entrance to the South Barn for maximum impact.
  • Make sure that your table plan is easy to understand. If you’ve named your tables after flowers, for example, include the name of the flower as well as a picture of the flower on the plan – not all of your guests will know the names of everything that you do!
  • If you’re combining your table plan with favours, add a sign explaining to guests that they’re welcome to take the chocolate, seeds or whatever you’ve chosen with them.
  • Your table plan can still be decorative even after guests have taken tags or photos with them. Add fairy lights or old family photos to the space to create something new.

We hope that you’ve found something you love amongst these wedding ideas. You’ll find more inspiration on our blog, and we’re always happy to offer advice when you visit us. Why not book a visit and come and see just what makes Upwaltham Barns so special.


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