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How to Keep Children Entertained at a Wedding

Choosing to share your wedding day with the children in your lives is bound to make for some extra special memories. However, the day can feel incredibly long for little ones, and the key to avoiding tantrums and mischief is to ensure that the children sharing your special day are kept entertained.

Entertaining children at a wedding can be really simple and doesn’t have to be costly, and it will most definitely make for more relaxed parents and a more harmonious atmosphere in general.

Take your pick of these 16 entertainment ideas, all guaranteed to get little ones (and their parents) smiling.

1. Set up a colouring competition

You can’t go wrong with colouring and crafts, and with lots of wedding-themed printables online
(Pinterest is your friend here!).

Setting up a colouring competition is a simple and cost effective way to keep kids entertained. Add colouring pads to a table with pots of coloured pencils so that the children can create their own masterpieces and don’t forget to have a prize ready for the best one.

2. Giant garden games

Kids love giant garden games such as Connect 4, Hook A Duck and giant Jenga, so think about setting up games in The Courtyard hidden garden for them to enjoy during the drinks reception. And remember, garden games aren’t just for the kids!


3. Food and drink

Food and drink are a kid’s best friend, so make sure that there’s plenty for them to sample, especially during your drinks reception when younger guests are often forgotten. Here at Upwaltham Barns we have individual snack bags full of delicious food for kids so you can be confident that they won’t have rumbling tummies!

4. A kids-only area

Create a kids-only area in the Gardens. A little tent, cushions and some games and books are all you need for a cosy kid-friendly escape. They’ll be happy to have their own designated zone during reception drinks when adults are often standing and chatting.


5. Set up a treasure hunt

Set up a treasure hunt station and task one of your groomsmen with rounding up the kids to explain the rules before sending the kids off in groups with clues to help them find things that you’ve hidden around the garden. Think ‘Easter egg hunt’ with a wedding day spin!

6. Mini photographers

Enlist the help of children as mini wedding photographers for a fun and entertaining way to capture your event from unique perspectives. Give all of the children at your wedding a disposable camera and a list of photo ideas and let them go wild!


7. Entertainment packs

Sitting still for the entirety of your wedding breakfast can be a big ask for children so give them a reason to enjoy being at the table. Entertainment packs including quizzes, books, stickers and even some Lego or a cuddly toy will keep everyone happy.

8. Hire an entertainer

If your budget allows, hire an entertainer. The professionals have hundreds of ways of making sure that children enjoy themselves. Plus they’ll come with everything they need for hours of fun so you don’t have to worry about organising anything else.


9. Kids creche

The absolute best option for childcare is having a creche in the East Barn staffed by trained nannies. They’ll fill it with fun activities, toys and games for the children while the parents enjoy some well-earned grown-up time.

10. Their own dancefloor

Give the kids some time on the dancefloor before your first dance. Ask your DJ to prepare a child-friendly playlist full of brilliant wedding music and play this before you start your party in the South Barn. You can be sure the photos from this mini-disco will be amazing!


11. Courtyard games

Set up some games in the courtyard during your evening reception. Hire a ping-pong or a foosball table, set up a sack race, bring out the giant garden games again and you’ll be the most popular newlyweds around!

12. Board games

Plan ahead in case of rain. A selection of old-school board games will make sure that there’s still fun to be had, whatever the weather. Guess Who, Operation or Hungry Hippos are all perfect as they don’t take hours and hours to play so everyone will be able to have a go. As an alternative, provide paper aeroplane kits for everyone to enjoy!


13. Craft table

Embrace DIY and set up a craft table with a wedding theme. Children could make a wedding card for you, design a wedding dress, decorate a cupcake or make some props for the photobooth.

14. Photobooth

Speaking of photobooths, a kids-only photobooth is a great idea. A basket full of dressing up costumes, masks and fun props will keep children and grown-ups entertained for hours.

15. Outdoor cinema

Upgrade your kid’s only area into a mini outdoor cinema for after-dinner entertainment. Gather more cushions, add bowls of popcorn and pop on an Easy Projector featuring family favourites to give kids a chance to chill in a fun environment.


16. Party bags

Finally, don’t forget the party bags. Send your younger guests home with a brilliant party bag full of treats (and the obligatory slice of cake!).
For more fabulous wedding ideas, take a look at these top wedding entertainment ideas that are perfect at Upwaltham Barns. If you’d like to know more about our barn wedding venue, please request our wedding brochure or book a time to come and visit us.

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