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Wedding Bouquet Ideas To Suit Every Style

Wedding bouquets are the ultimate bridal accessory. They are a traditional addition to your outfit, complimenting your style, adding colour to your photography and providing a beautiful feminine touch.

Where to start?

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for inspiration, and you will quickly find a style that you are drawn towards. Creating a floral Pinterest board can also be very helpful for your florist to understand your preferences and the types of flowers that you like.

Many people start with a favourite flower, and others use their bouquets to tie-in a colour scheme to their bridal party. The season and your budget will also play a role.

When looking for inspiration, researching the meaning of flowers may sway your choice. Some popular options are roses (of course!), which symbolise romance and love, stocks which stand for lasting beauty and sweet-smelling stephanotis which represent marriage!

Choosing your Colour

Using a colour palette to inform your choice is always a good idea. Think tones and shades rather than matching colours. Your want to make sure your wedding bouquet complements your dress and doesn’t overpower it. For us, one of our favourite combinations has to be white flowers and green foliage, which look beautiful with a white dress.

If you’re planning on wearing an ivory gown then pinks, peaches and coral shades are a wonderful choice. If you’ve opted for a coloured dress, choose a bouquet that picks out nuances of the same colour.

Setting your Style

At Upwaltham Barns, a romantic bouquet full of big blooms including Austin roses and peonies is always popular, as is a more rustic style bouquet with loose floral clusters and lots of flowing greenery.

Bunches of hand-tied country flowers, almost wild-flower in look would also make the perfect look for a barn wedding in the summer.

For the ultra-modern bride, minimalistic, almost architectural flowers create a sleek look. Or for a more traditional feel, tight, compact bunches of roses, sweet peas or lily of the valley will be simply stunning.

Your bouquet can also reflect the theme of your day. Include thistles for a Scottish feel or choose textured foliage and berries for a winter wedding.


Sticking to your Budget

If you have a tight budget, think hand-tied posy style bouquets and look for seasonal flowers and foliage. Keeping with one central flower helps keep costs under control, as does using lots of greenery.

Or if money is no object, speak to your florist about luxurious and more opulent flowers or an over-sized bouquet to make a real statement!

You could perhaps look for locally sourced flowers, which reflect the seasons to give your wedding that homegrown feel. Some florists even have their own amazing cutting gardens!

Pick some Props

Personalising your bouquet makes it extra special. We particularly love hand-died silk ribbons that compliment bridesmaids’ dresses.

The use of wired acorns, fir cones and cotton bobbins can add seasonality and unique interest to bouquets. Being a countryside venue, we absolutely love the inclusion of pheasant feathers, rosehips and seasonal grasses too.

By including succulents in your bouquet you can plant them after your big day and keep them as permanent memory.


Non-flower bouquets

Flowers are not everyone’s choice, and we have seen some fabulous handmade craft bouquets. Think buttons, beads, brooches, origami using sheet music and even pages from Harry Potter books made into paper flowers! These bouquets are very personal, often taking months to make and are something you can keep forever.

So, whether you choose to throw your bouquet for the single girls to catch or have it dried as a keepsake, they can be a very special and personal part of your wedding day.

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