Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Top wedding entertainment ideas

Getting the wedding entertainment right for your wedding reception is crucial. You simply have to think what expresses you both as a couple the best and what style of entertainer will have your guests joining in, so that everyone has a good time. Here is a list of top wedding entertainment ideas for all types of weddings.

Band or DJ

This one is traditional for most weddings, but it sometimes can be hard to choose whether to go for a band or DJ. Upwaltham Barns’ wedding reception area can fit a band or DJ, so size isn’t an issue. Check out our suppliers list to find trusted vendors we have used in the past.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Band © Leanne Jade Photography


This is very popular for a barn wedding and is a good way to get all your guests up and dancing together, young and old, experienced or novice everyone can join in. With a professional “caller” walking you through the moves and live fiddlers, a barn dance can create a fun atmosphere involving all the family.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Ceilidh ©

Make your happy day your lucky day

Keep your guests entertained by hiring a casino. It’s a simple way that you can bring some of the glamour of Vegas right into the heart of your special day. Most casino hires use tokens so it’s all harmless fun.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Lucky Day © Jen Fariello Photography

Cold as ice

One of the most impressive art forms is live ice sculpting, in fact at times it can be mesmerising. With that in mind, it’ll keep your guests transfixed if you choose to have a sculpture made during your reception as they watch the work take shape.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Cold As Ice © Orange Girl Photographs

Photo/Video Booth

An easy and doubtlessly hilarious way to remember the great time your guests had on your day is to encourage them all through a photo booth and look back fondly at what fun they had and how ridiculous they looked. Going further than this if you want something a little more personal, then why not consider a video booth where your guests will be able to lend you wisdom and kind words from the diary room! A lovely vintage caravan photo booth looks pretty in the courtyard at Upwaltham Barns.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Photo Booth © Krista Lee Photography

Fairground games

Setting up traditional fairground games in the courtyard at Upwaltham Barns is a sure way to keep your guests laughing and enjoying themselves throughout the evening. From coconut shies, strongman hammer and skittles; everyone can have a go!

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Fairground games © Daniel Karczag Photography

Bring your hobby to the venue

Will your new hubby and his friends be missing a weekend round of golf for your wedding? Why not set up a crazy golf course at the venue for a few games after the wedding breakfast.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Bring your hobby © Altitude Events

Roaming entertainment

Magicians walking around the venue keeping groups of your guests entertained can be lots of fun. Roving artists creating silhouettes or caricatures provide fun keepsakes or you can have a large picture put together after your wedding of the silhouettes of all your guests, which makes an unusual memento.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Roaming entertainment © Roving Artist

Fire dancers and fireworks

If you’re looking to have outside entertainment, these ideas work well for a winter wedding when the evenings are dark and everyone is wrapped up. Fire dancers add a wow factor to your day providing an exciting and spectacular show usually set to music. Fireworks are great and everyone can get a good view from the hill behind Upwaltham Barns. Our trusted suppliers can provide a neighbour friendly, low-noise bespoke fireworks display.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Fireworks ©Studio Twelve:52

Whether you go traditional or think outside of the box when it comes to wedding entertainment, our team here at Upwaltham Barns can help advise you with various options and ideas. Visit us at our West Sussex barn wedding venue today to see our venues and how your choice entertainment would fit our rustic charm.

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